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·        (OCTOBER 3, 2005) New Elliptical Nasal Septal Button developed by Gordon S. Wood, M.D. improves patient comfort and decreases symptoms of epistaxis and crusting caused by nasal perforations


ROCHESTER, MINNESOTA (July XX, 2005) – Medical Innovations International Inc. (MII) today announced it has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with SilMed Inc. to market and distribute their New Silmed ™ Elliptical Nasal Septal Button.  The new device, used for nasal septal perforations, is an improvement over existing products in the market.


“We are excited about this agreement because it allows us to continue our development efforts of Ear, Nose and Throat products.  The improved design of the New Silmed™ Elliptical Nasal Septal Button enables us to market and distribute a product that clearly enhances the patient’s experience of using a nasal sepal button.  This allows us to continue to execute our mission which is to deliver high quality design, development and manufacture of medical devices that change our lives for the better,” comments John Devlin, President of MII. 

“Early in my practice I placed several septal buttons in patients with septal perforations larger than a centimeter and a half in diameter (not likely to be closed successfully with surgery). Some of these patients were not pleased with the septal button. It would slide anterior and posterior. This movement irritated the patient and frequently did not resolve the crusting and frequent epistaxis associated with the perforation. At that time I realized that a post that was elliptical, and could be trimmed to fit the anterior and posterior dimension of the perforation would resolve the movement and hopefully be better tolerated by the patient. I have placed multiple Silmed™ Elliptical Septal Buttons and followed these patients for several years.   It has proved superior to the septal buttons with the round posts.  I am excited to have other Otolaryngolists have the opportunity to use this improved product.” said Dr. Gordon Wood in a recent interview. The results of Dr Wood's experience will be presented as a poster presentation at the AAO-HNS meeting in Los Angles, California  (September 2005).

“Silmed, Inc is enthusiastic about partnering with MII to promote our product.  MII has over 40 years of experience delivering products and services that benefit the Ear, Nose and Throat industry. We are glad to have an experienced team take the lead in promoting a novel product such as the Silmed™ Nasal Septal Button,” added Rama Gundlapalli, Biomedical Engineer & Vice President of Silmed, Inc.


MII is a leader in developing and distributing unique medical devices that fit a particular need that enhances the live of the patients.  Based in Rochester, Minnesota, MII is focused in delivering quality design, prototyping and business development efforts for new medical devices.


This release may contain forward-looking statements that reflect the company’s current expectation regarding future events.  The forward-looking statements involve uncertainties.  Actual events could differ materially from those projected herein and depend on a number of factors including, but not limited to, changing market conditions, successful and timely completion of clinical studies, uncertainties related to the regulatory approval process, establishment of corporate alliances and other risks.


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